Colin Peacock, Chester Terrapins

Colin Peacock died last week, although he hadn’t  been well for a long time, he had not long come back from a Mediterranean cruise with his brother and seemed in good spirits.

Colin was a long standing member of Chester Terrapins club for over 30 years.  He started off as a helper with his good friend Tony Howley as they worked together at Muir Housing. They were both full of fun and always involved the swimmers in games and races each Monday night.  They took some swimmers once a year to Woodlarks for a week’s camping and swimming.  Colin kept his camping up for 20 years until his health stopped him sleeping in a tent.  Mo came with him a couple of times as well to camp and they won the fancy dress one year. They dressed as the games mistress (Mo) and headmistress Alistair Sim’s character (Colin) when we did St Trinians.  Everyone voted for them as they were so good.  To see Colin with hair in a very curly wig and black cape and tweed skirt was a sight to see. He nearly came to camp with us this year as when I called round to see he said he was so tempted to get his gear out of the loft and come again as he missed everyone. Colin had a battered old suitcase that had been to every camp and lived in his loft the rest of the year.

Colin was a committee member for Terrapins and on the NASCH committee, plus he was region 10 gala organiser for 10 years.  He was a great supporter of NASCH and attended many conferences and committee meetings both at Stoke Mandeville in the old days and later on at the Hayes Centre, Swanwick.  When at Stoke Mandeville one year the pool was out of action, so we held the swimming gala on the lawn and caused uproar with our back stroke impersonations in one of the virtual races!  When at Woodlarks camp, Colin and his friend Ray were in charge of cleaning the toilet blocks and they loved nothing better than sending a hose of water under the toilet door if you sneaked in to use the loo while they were cleaning. There are so many funny stories as life was never dull with Colin around.

Colin was a friend to all, loved to chat and have a cup of tea.  He was such fun to be with, there was always laughter if Colin was there and he will be sorely missed by the Terrapins who he still swam with.  The campers at Woodlarks will also be upset to hear of his passing.  We will remember him in the service at camp next year that we hold on the Sunday afternoon and know that he is looking down on us, reunited with Mo and all the campers who have left us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  God bless Colin, we will miss you so much but think of you often.

Lorraine Booth
Chester Terrapins

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