The results for the 2011 gala are given below:-

Event No. 1          Girls Two Lengths Final

2nd. `                  Erin Green           Region 10

1st                      Rose Mousley      Region 3              NASCH Trophy

Event No 2           Boys Two Lengths Final

3rd                      James Holmes     Region 10  

2nd                     Stuart Cutler         Region 7

1st                      Tom Regan          Region 1              Kingfisher Trophy

Event No.3           Girls Four Lengths Final
1st                       Rose Mousley      Region 3              NASCH


Event 4                 Boys 4 Lengths Final

3rd                       Stuart Cutler         Region 7

2nd                      Ian  Andrew Horne Region 1

1st                       Courtney Holt       Region10             NASCH Trophy


Event 5                 Girls 1 Length Final

2nd                      Rose Mousley      Region 3

1st                       Erin Green           Region 10            NASCH Trophy


Event 6                 Boys 1 Length Final

3rd                       Ian Andrew Horne Region 1

2nd                      Stuart Cutler         Region 7

1st                       James Holmes     Region 10            NASCH Trophy


Event 7                 Junior Relay Final

3rd                       Region 3

2nd                      Region 10

1st                       Region 1              Wickham Trophy


Event 8                 Ladies 2 Lengths Final

3rd                       Joanne Unitt         REGION 10
2ndD                    Wendy Kind         Region 2

1st                       Debbie Wynne     Region 9              NASCH Trophy


Event 9                 Mens Two Length Final

3rd                       Joshua Smith       Region 3

2nd                      Stephen Cooper-Bagley  Region 10

1st                       David Hebblethwaite Region 9      NASCH Trophy


Event 10               Ladies Four Lengths Final

3rd                       Debbie Reynolds Region 9

2nd                      Erica Beckwith     Region 1

1st                       Jessica Poyser     Region 10            NASCH Trophy


Event 11               Mens Four Lengths Final

3rd                       Matt Dawson        Region 7

2nd                      Tom Rayner         Region 10

1st                       Chris Williamson  Region 3              NASCH Trophy


Event 12               Ladies One Length Final
3rd                       Margaret Smith    Region 2

2nd                      Anne  Singleton     Region 3

1st                       Karen Hoffmann   Region 1              Apollo Plate


Event 13               Mens One Length Final

2nd                      Matt Dawson        Region 7

                           John Hollins         Region 3

1st                       David Hebblethwaite     Region 9              NASCH Trophy


Event 14               Ladies Relay Final

3rd               Region 3

2nd              Region10

1st               Region 2                                           NASCH Trophy


Event 15               Mens
Relay Final

3rd               Region 3

2nd              Region 1

1st               Region 10                                           Marlin Trophy


Overall Winners, Juniors and Seniors        Region 1


Winner of the Elaine Parker Trophy           Region 3


Winner of the Founders Trophy                 Region 10


Junior Winners


3rd               Region 1

2nd              Region 3

1st               Region 10            Ken Goad Junior Trophy



Senior Winners


2nd              Regions 3 & 9

1st               Region 10            Derik Braham Trophy             

Sincere thanks must go to the staff of Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre and to Lorraine Booth for all  her hard work in organising the gala and ensuring that every thing ran so smoothly.

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